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Frequently asked questions:
How do I pay for this?
Can I pay with a check?
I'm a Texas Tax-Exempt Organization. How do I place a tax-free order?
How do you handle returns?
Can I talk to somebody about my questions/order?
Can you overnight my order to me?
What format and region are the DVDs?
How should I take care of my DVDs & CDs?
Why do you repeat some songs on the NEXT Worship DVDs?
Are the recordings "split-track" or "stereo" mixes?
What is "split-track?"
My DVD/CD doesn't play, or plays intermittently. What should I do?

Q. How do I pay for this?
A. Online payment is via secure online credit card payment. You can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

Q. Can I pay with a check?
A. Yes, but we require receiving & clearing your check in advance before shipping the products. Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to order with check payment.

Q. I'm a Texas Tax-Exempt Organization. How do I place a tax-free order?
A. The state doesn't make this easy; but here's the easiest way we've come up with: Place your order, and pay the tax. Then scan and email or fax your organization's SIGNED and COMPLETED tax exemption certificate to our office at <[email protected]> or fax- (972) 722-7947. You must include the order number in the message. (Download the Texas State exemption certificate here. Fill out and send only the 2nd page.) When we receive your completed tax exemption certificate, we will refund the sales tax to your credit card; usually within 48 hours. We will also update your customer account to "tax-exempt" status. From then on you will be able to purchase tax-free from our website.

Please don't send us your Federal Tax ID number; the State of Texas doesn't care about your Federal tax status.

Q. How do you handle returns?
A. Go to our Returns page for more information.

Q. Can I talk to somebody about my questions/order?
A. In order to keep our prices within the reach of ministries and individuals, we do not offer phone support. We work very hard to answer your emailed questions as quickly as possible. Additionally, your questions are answered by our people, who know the best answers to your questions.

Q. Can you overnight my order to me?
A. It's very costly to do overnight shipping. In order to keep our prices within the reach of ministries and individuals, we don't offer expedited shipping.

See our complete shipping information here.

Q. What format and region are the DVDs?
A. Our DVDs are NTSC format, and can play in any region in the world.

Q. How should I take care of my DVDs & CDs?
A. Keep your DVDs and CDs stored in their original cases, or if the cases become damaged, replace the cases. Don't ever place DVDs or CDs "shiny side down" on any surface. Avoid touching the shiny surfaces with your fingers.

Q. Why do you repeat some songs on the NEXT Worship DVDs?
A. It's a matter of design. Here's how we designed the series, and why:

The 12 DVDs with over 80 songs are organized by month. They are designed to be used in the same manner that an experienced worship leader would present the songs through one year in a worship setting. In adult worship, many songs are repeated through the year. We've had experienced leaders in children's worship plan out a whole year of music for kids' ministry, so lay people won't have to. Any volunteer at any time in the year, without preparation, can successfully lead singing with songs that are fun & familiar, plus new engaging songs to keep things fresh.

With over 80 songs in the NEXT Worship year-round collection, we're pleased to be presenting more variety in a year than many "grown-ups" experience in worship. While everybody won't like every song equally, we think we've presented more useful song choices on any given DVD (12 songs) than anybody else.

In addition, we've included 24 countdown clocks (two new ones every month) and a full year of worship orders that don't repeat. While most record companies are selling only 7 to 12 songs for anywhere from $18 to $85 per DVD, and they are often difficult-at-best to navigate with a room full of active kids, we think we give you the best value and ease-of-use of any kids ministry music product on the market today.

Q. Are the recordings "split-track" or "stereo" mixes?
A. Most products are stereo, some are split-track. Split-track products are clearly indicated as being "split-track," otherwise assume the music is mixed in stereo.

Q. What is "split-track?"
A. Split-track recordings have the instruments and the voices sent to separate speakers. Our mixes place the instruments on the left, and the voices on the right. For performances, you can easily turn down the original voice tracks and replace them with your children's choir. Or, you can mix in just enough voice tracks to give your singers confidence to sing out.

To see how split-tracks work, plug in ear-phones or earbuds into a computer with your split-track files for a playback device, and don’t listen to your computer's built-in speakers. Listen to your split-track recordings through the ear-phones or ear-buds. You will hear only voices in one ear, and only instruments in the other ear.

When you connect your playback device to your speakers, there should be two channels or wires that come from the headphone output of your playback device and connect to your speakers, or better, to your sound mixer. 

To totally remove the pre-recorded vocals, simply disconnect or turn off the wire that is carrying the voices to your playback system. To vary the volume of the pre-recorded voices, connect the two channels of sound from your playback device into 2 separate channels on a mixer and adjust to your liking. If you need further information about using split-tracks with your equipment, get with a technically savvy individual near you to show you the options available to you with your equipment.

Q. My DVD/CD doesn't play, or plays intermittently. What should I do?
A: Most playback problems are caused by either of 2 problems:

Problem 1: Dirt, fingerprints or scratches on the playback side of the DVD/CD is causing problems. DVDs are more susceptible to this problem than CDs.

Solution: If a CD or DVD isn't playing back right, first look at the shiny (not the printed) surface. Are there fingerprints, scratches (for DVDs, it can only take one decent scratch to stop it from working) or dirt on the surface? This is often the case if some parts of the DVD/CD work, and some parts don't.

If so, then first try cleaning it. Often, simply cleaning the shiny side can help even scratched CDs & DVDs to work.

First, try to clean the surface by rubbing it with a lint-free, clean cloth on the dirty areas. Rub from the center out, not in a circle around the hole.

If that doesn't work, then wash the CD/DVD under gentle, running water.

Put the CD/DVD under cold to warm running water, and place a few drops of a clear, not creamy, dishwashing detergent on the shiny surface. It doesn't matter if it's purple or green, or clear, as long as you can see through it. Gently wash the dirty or scratched areas with a lint-free clean cloth, from the center out, not in circles around the hole. Rinse completely, and dry completely with a lint free cloth, from the center out, not around the hole. Most of the times, that will do it! Go ahead and try it on those nasty Blockbuster DVDs that look like someone dropped them in their corn flakes. It usually works on them, too.

Problem 2: Faulty or incompatible playback devices.

First, make sure the CD/DVD is clean and not tragically scratched. See the cleaning procedures above, if dirty or scratched.

Newer, less expensive DVD players are better able to play various types of DVDs, in a wider variety conditions than older DVD players.

If a CD or DVD isn't working in one player, try it in a couple of other players to see if it will work. If it is clean, the problem is often that for some technical reason the player is incompatible. Again, most newer DVD players will play any kind of DVDs.

In rare instances, the DVD or CD is flawed; but this is by far the least common problem with either DVDs or CDs. If you have made sure your CD or DVD is clean and scratch free, and you are still unable to play it in any CD or DVD players, arrange for a free exchange on our RETURNS page.