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About us

God's Kids Worship is dedicated to making creative Christian media that makes it easy for ministry professionals and volunteers to communicate and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that worship is not an event, it is an attitude. We agree that the following statement sums up what scripture tells us about worship; that, "To worship God is to tell him that we believe Him for who He says He is." (Matt & Beth Redman, "Blessed Be Your Name," pub. Regal Books). We're committed to creating songs & media that are simple to present, and encourage worship that incorporates the mind, soul & body of young Christians and not-yet Christians.

Our story

as told by Bob Singleton, President, God's Kids Worship

They told me it wouldn't work. They were right. Publishers and record companies told me that releasing a set of kids worship DVDs for churches and schools wouldn't work. "We only release 1 DVD at a time," I was told by record companies. I wanted to release 12 DVDs, one for each month. "We can't pay all those royalties to songwriters," I was told by curriculum publishers. I wanted to use dozens of the top worship songs, by well-known writers, like Chris Tomlin and Hillsong. "It's cheaper to use adults singing," they all told me. I wanted only great kids voices, so it would be easy for kids to sing along. 

I knew the people at these record companies & publishers, and they were my friends. I'd produced award-winning products for them. They knew what worked for them, and they were right. It wouldn't work- for them.

But, I volunteered in kids ministry. I listened to people saying they wanted music they knew, that was easy to use in ministry, made for kids, and needed no preparation. It would work for them. So, we made God's Kids Worship for them. It works and we keep growing. We listened.

Knowing that I didn't have any competition, we released several generations of worship DVDs and USB sticks. We were among the first to release videos with music made for kids attention and voices, with easy-to-read lyrics. The idea caught on. We've transitioned to all downloadable files, and discontinued DVD and CD sales, because that's where kids ministry is now. A lot of growing kids ministries and schools are now using worship leaders and praise teams, and still needing quick, easy leaderless music for smaller groups. Our song videos work for any size group, and any leader, or no leader at all.

Our videos include a stereo mix, plus a "split-track" mix to allow easy performances by removing or adjusting the volume of the pre-recorded kids. Many of our "Gods Kids Worship Band" Christmas videos also include an instruments-only accompaniment tracks mix, plus lead sheet music & lyric sheets.

We never show kids on screen, so your worship ministry can be your own, and your worship leaders do the leading. Lyrics always show up early so that everyone knows what's the next thing to sing.

We listened to you. Take a listen to us. You'll like the worship you can do with your kids.

The producer

Bob Singleton is a Grammy® nominated, and 4-time Dove nominated producer of music for kids. He's created award-winning CD's and videos for the Christian market with Word Music, Tommy Nelson, Everland Entertainment, and others. He's one of the most widely heard creators of music for kids in the world as music director for Barney® and Friends for 10 years. He's produced 2 platinum albums, and created songs and produced music for the top entertainment companies in the business, including Barney®, Marvel Animation, Sony Wonder Entertainment, New World Entertainment, Fox Searchlight Motion Pictures and many others. Bob has also created music and worked with Christian curriculum developers like Group Publishing, Concordia Publishing, Tabor Publishing, and others. You may have seen some of his work if you have  "Great Songs for God's Kids," "Kid City Tunes," "Bible Action Songs," "All Time Favorites," "Sunday School Favorites," and many other Christian market videos and recordings.