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Songs - Each song includes a stereo video, a split track video, and a pdf lyrics file. Select Windows Media or QuickTime file format. Each song has a link to a free streaming rehearsal video.

Countdowns - 5:00 long video countdowns that are either fun, animated and energized, or calm and reflective.

mp3 Digital Albums - Each Digital Album includes an entire album of songs in audio-only mp3 format, with bonus free pdf lyrics files.

NOTE: Upon purchase, you can download your files immediately to a laptop or desktop computer from your web browser. If you wish, you can also purchase with mobile devices. You can then download to any internet connected desktop or laptop by logging into your account. After downloading, you can transfer to a mobile or other device. You will receive an email with a link to your account to download at another time or location.

These are files, only. We cannot support how you use these files in your software or hardware once you have completed your purchase.

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